Simple Brew Kits

Hand-pressed hard cider with family and friends.
Hand-pressed hard cider with family and friends.

Simple Brew Kits is the place for you to realize your dreams of turning juice into, well, hard juice! It’s not just hard cider anymore (although you can do that here, too). Brew¬†some hard grape juice, hard peach juice, hard berry juice, mead, beer, even hard milk (aka koumiss). The point is, with our simple products, you can have fun experimenting with lots of different kinds of liquids (as long as they have sugar) that will impress (and sometimes disgust) your friends. Or you can just simply stick with what you like and have a continuous flow of the nectar of the gods without paying ungodly prices for your hooch.

We’ve taken to calling our concoctions “the drank.” If it’s purple, it’s “purple drank.” I have some smreka drank (yellow drank just doesn’t sound right) chilling in the fridge right now – here’s the smreka post and vid.


Simple Brew Kits work like this:

1. Buy Some Juice

2. Add A Pinch of Yeast

3. Affix Stopper and Airlock

4. Wait a Week or Two

5. Drink Your Alcoholic Beverage (Bingo Bango)


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