EC-1118 Yeast

EC-1118 Yeast (5 Packets)


EC-1118 Yeast (5)

Product Description

Five 5 gram packets of EC-1118 Champagne Yeast. Great for fermenting most juices. Especially good at tolerating high-alcohol environments, so if you plan to add a bunch of sugar to your juice, this will keep fermenting up to 18%. Throw a pinch in some juice and let it work its magic. Each packet is enough to ferment a few gallons of juice.

Yeast Chart
Yeast Temp Range (F) Alcohol Tolerance Flocculation (how much junk will settle to the bottom)
EC-1118 45-95 18% Low
ICV-D47 50-86 14% Medium
Pasteur Champagne 59-86 13-15% Low-Medium
Cotes des Blancs 64-86 12-14% Low
Montrachet 59-86 13% Low



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